CHEWBACCA star Peter Mayhew credits the Star Wars movies with ending his search for the perfect wife.

The British actor - who first stepped into the hairy Wookie costume in 1977's EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE - has occupied the two decades since the original trilogy appearing at Star Wars conventions across the world.

And at one particularly memorable meeting, he was approached by a Star Wars fanatic - who ultimately became his wife.

He says, "I met my wife ANGELIQUE seven years ago at a Star Wars convention in the United States. When the later Star Wars films came out, I decided to give up my job and earn my living from going to these meetings of fans.

"She is a bigger Star Wars fan than I am and we got talking. So yes, Star Wars has been great to me."

Mayhew reprises his role in the final installment of GEORGE LUCAS' saga EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH - 22 years after he last appeared as Chewbacca in EPISODE VI: RETURN OF THE JEDI.

18/05/2005 13:03