Peter Kay has been named Britain's most successful comedian for the second year running.

The 39-year-old funnyman earned almost £4 million in the past year from his successful businesses Good Night Vienna Productions and Hussein Traders, whose accounts reportedly hold close to £21 million.

According to The Sun newspaper the TV star and stand-up comedian - who co-owns his production company with his wife Susan Gargan - has seen his profits rise from £17 million in the past year, despite closing a third company.

The Lancashire native has sold over ten million DVDs, a UK record for a comedian, and his 'Tour That Didn't Tour' shows sold more than 1.2 million tickets last year, making it the world's most successful stand-up show ever.

Most of his earnings came from the tour, which brought in almost £20 million.

The former 'Britain's Got The Pop Factor' star has also enjoyed success on the small screen with the TV show, and his other shows 'Max And Paddy' and 'Phoenix Nights' in recent years.

The comic has previously spoken of his desire to lead a normal life despite earning millions every year.

He said: ''Sometimes people say, 'Oh I'm surprised you'd be in Staples buying a plastic box, I thought you'd have a servant to do that for you', I'm like, 'What are you talking about? I still go to Tesco, I still do my big shop'. I think you've got to.''