Peter Jackson'S 'Lord of the Rings' prequel The Hobbit has been given the go ahead to begin filming by studio bosses, and the first scenes will be shot in February 2011. The 48-year-old's fantasy trilogy has so far been nominated for 30 OSCARS, winning 17 of them, however, the two-part prequel has been delayed for months due to MGM's financial woes, according to BBC News.
Warner Bros have now confirmed that the film, based on JRR TOLKIEN'S first 'Lord of the Rings' book would begin filming in early 2011, and that Jackson would reprise his role behind the camera. It had previously been reported that the multi-award winning filmmaker, who has co-written the screenplays, would take up a producing role on the movies, allowing Guillermo Del Toro to direct, but the Mexican pulled out of the project in June 2010. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros and MGM have arrived at a deal allowing MGM to cover its half of the production costs, estimated to be around $500m.
There is no official word on release dates as of yet, but the movies will be shot back-to-back using 3D cameras, and in a statement, Jackson said, "Exploring Tolkien's Middle-earth goes way beyond a normal film-making experience. It's an all-immersive journey into a very special place of imagination, beauty and drama. We're looking forward to re-entering this wondrous world with Gandalf and Bilbo".