Oscar-winning moviemaker Peter Jackson is such a big Doctor Who fan he would be willing to direct an episode of the cult sci-fi show for nothing but a prop Dalek.

The brains behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the new The Hobbit films has been a huge Who fan since he watched his favourite time travelling doctor, Patrick Troughton, as a kid, and he has amassed quite a collection of memorabilia from the show over the years - most of which his wife and filmmaking partner Fran Walsh has bought him as Christmas gifts.

He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "She has bought me the best presents... Not aftershave, but Daleks! She's given me two over the years; a very early one and another from (former Doctor Who star) Sylvester's (MCCoy) time.

"I've also collected a few Doctor Who costumes, including a Tom Baker outfit with a scarf."

And now he's just waiting for the chance to direct an episode, adding, "Last year, (current Doctor Who) Matt Smith was asked by a Kiwi journalist if they would ever film an episode in New Zealand and he said, 'Yes, and we can get Peter Jackson to direct it'. The newspaper contacted me for a comment and I said, 'Great, just name a time and a place and I'll be there'.

"I suspect (executive producer) Steven Moffat thinks I'm joking, but I saw him at Christmas and assured him I'm not. They don’t even have to pay me, but I have got my eye on one of those nice new gold-coloured Daleks. They must have a spare one - hint, hint."