Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson is turning his favourite video game HALO into a feature-length film.

The Lord Of The Rings movie-maker grew addicted to Halo while shooting his latest film KING KONG - so he jumped at the chance to snap up the movie rights and take it to the big screen.

Jackson will produce the sci-fi film in his native New Zealand. A cast has yet to be announced and it's unknown if he will direct as well.

Halo follows hot on the heels of a string of computer games which have been adapted for the big screen, including Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and DOOM.

The game has sold over five million copies around the world and charts the adventures of futuristic super-soldier MASTER CHIEF in his quest to save mankind from aliens.

Bungie, the Microsoft-owned business which developed Halo, says, "We're delighted to have someone who's as committed to the Halo universe as Peter Jackson was to Tolkien's Middle-Earth".