Peter Jackson's version of King Kong will be as "scary as hell" according to the film's star Jack Black.

The OSCAR-winning film-maker will create a terrifying version of the ape-monster - in the mould of his 1933 screen debut.

Black says, "King Kong is going to be scary as hell, dude.

"He's not gonna be sweet and cuddly. It's not gonna be the cute kind. He's a f***ing carnivore, as in, eats flesh."

The Golden Globe nominated actor surprised the film industry when it was announced back in March (04) he would be playing the role of CARL DENHAM - as he is more famous for his roles in comedies such as Shallow Hal and SCHOOL OF ROCK.

He says, "There are some funny things about my character but, yeah, it is a different thing for me.

"But I'm not approaching it differently. I'm approaching it with the same balls-to-the-wall attitude."

30/06/2004 17:35