Director Peter Jackson wanted a mix of old and new in his remake of KING KONG - he tried to persuade original star Fay Wray to make a cameo appearance in his version.

Wray, who died in August 2004 at the age of 96, originally starred in the 1933 movie as ANN DARROW, a role which was taken on by Naomi Watts in the most recent remake.

And Wray's daughter VICTORIA RISKIN reveals that Jackson had hoped for her mother to put in an appearance in his film.

Riskin says, "He did go to New York and talk to her about (making a cameo appearance). That was also true of the previous (1976) remake, and she did not want to do it. She liked Peter and Naomi a lot, but she wanted to keep the two films separate.

"(Jackson) showed such admiration and respect for the original film and for her. He just wanted to be with her and enjoy her.

"They even have a lovely dedication to her at the end of the film. And I loved the darling inside tribute where Jack Black is in the cab talking about finding an actress for his movie, and they mention Fay doing a film for RKO (original King Kong director MERIAN) COOPER."