Director Peter Jackson is relieved movie giants UNIVERSAL ditched his initial attempt to film King Kong in 1996, as he can now apply the experience he gained making the blockbusting Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

Jackson, 43, was crushed when Universal decided to halt the production of King Kong due to the timing of two similar films - GODZILLA and MIGHTY JOE YOUNG - and also because his previous movie THE FRIGHTENERS had been a box-office flop.

But when Jackson's spectacular Lord Of The Rings trilogy hit screens, winning countless OSCARs and critical acclaim, a new team at the film studio were desperate to revive Jackson's King Kong.

He says, "It was the blackest day of my career when Universal cancelled the previous one, but now I'm grateful because it worked out for the best.

"We wouldn't have done such a good job on Kong back then and now we are able to apply everything we learned from Lord Of The Rings."

12/04/2005 13:51