Film-maker Peter Jackson will watch his King Kong movie in style at the New York premiere tonight (05DEC05) - clutching the miniature model of the original Kong in his hands.

Movie memorabilia collector BOB BURNS, who owns the armature that was created for the 1933 movie, has agreed to lend the artefact to Jackson for the evening.

It isn't the first time the rare piece of movie history - believed to be the only existing prop from the 1933 King Kong film - has been in Jackson's hands.

After hearing of it's existence the director flew Burns and his quirky piece of memorabilia out to New Zealand, where he was filming his version of King Kong with Jack Black, Adrien Brody and Naomi Watts.

Jackson even took time to film a short animated piece with the 70-year-old model, which he hopes to include on the DVD release of the blockbuster next year (06).

Meanwhile, Sideshow Collectibles, the California-based company which created Jackson's Lord Of The Rings models, are set to use Bob Burns' armature as the model for a new King Kong collectible.