Movie maker Peter Jackson wants the star of his upcoming re-make of KING Kong to look as realistic as possible, so he's basing the mythical giant ape on a silverback gorilla.

The director is mixing CGI with the acting of ANDY SERKIS - who played Gollum in Jackson's Lord Of The Rings trilogy - to create a convincing King Kong.

The 43-year-old tells British magazine EMPIRE, "There is no mysterious or secret thing that we are doing with Kong. We are taking a bull gorilla, a Silverback, and making him look very ancient. I want Kong to look old because he has been around for a while.

"I also want him to look pretty battle-scarred, so we are giving him some distinctive scarring where Tyrannosauruses have raked their claws across him. I want him to look very frightening.

"To be completely honest, I haven't seen Kong myself! He is very much in development. We have designed a rubber bust, which we've scanned, and the CG guys are working on facial expression. I saw that about three or four days ago, when they bought a laptop to the set."

01/02/2005 17:38