In May 2007 the 60-year-old musician announced he was leaving the iconic post-punk group following a feud with frontman Bernard Sumner, 60, who in 2011 reformed the group without him alongside remaining members Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert.

The rocker has been embroiled in a rancorous dispute with his former bandmates ever since, and last year (15) sued them for $3.7 million (£2.77 million) in royalties, after claiming they set up a new company to handle the majority of the group's income without his knowledge in 2011.

Now Peter has announced he will write a "no-holds-barred" book detailing the group's history from their formation as New Order in 1980, after the suicide of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of their previous incarnation, Joy Division, to their acrimonious break-up.

Substance: Inside New Order will be the musician's third book documenting his musical history, after works documenting the inside story of Joy Division and his involvement with the Hacienda nightclub and the dance music scene in Manchester, England.

"In Substance, Peter Hook has written a no-holds-barred, comprehensive account of the band’s entire history, packed with outrageous anecdotes, written in the avuncular, detailed and insightful manner of his first two books," an announcement on Peter's website read.

The notice announcing the release of the new book also stated how the Blue Monday star will reveal all about his acrimonious departure from the group.

"Despite their success, the band has always been a collision of the visionary and the volatile and often fraught with tensions. Hooky chronicles how these relationships fell apart, detailing the splits, further splits and the ultimate demise of the band."

Since New Order reformed in 2011, Bernard and Peter have regularly sniped at each other in the press, and the bassist slammed his former friend's own 2014 autobiography Chapter and Verse, calling it "cruel and spiteful" in a review for America's Billboard magazine.

At a hearing last year (15) at London's High Court, a judge ruled that Peter, who now performs with his group Peter Hook and The Light, could pursue his legal case against his ex-bandmates after they admitted he was not present when the other three resolved to licence the use of the New Order name to the new company for 10 years, but urged all parties to seek an out of court settlement.

Substance: Inside New Order will be released on 6 October (16).