Peter Hook is determined to "f**k New Order over in any way possible".

The bassist is furious his former bandmates Bernard Sumner, STEPHEN MORRIS and Gillian Gilbert are reforming to play two charity shows in Belgium and Paris without him this month and has vowed to do anything he can to ruin it.

He said: "With New Order deciding to tour without me - it makes me all the more determined to f**k New Order over in any possible way I can.

"If they think I'm just going to scuttle off to a cabin in the woods, they've got another thing coming.

"They're d***heads. People go and hide, but I don't. I'm a fighter. I'm going to come out fighting."

New Order was founded by Peter, Bernard and Stephen - the remaining members of JOY DIVISION after lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide - and Peter believes his former bandmates will be "haunted" by him because everyone will want to know why he wasn't part of the reunion.

He added to "That's not New Order - they're just f**king trying it on. It would be like me going out with Stephen and Gillian and saying it's New Order: 'Where's Barney?!'

"They're going to be haunted by it, aren't they? In every interview they'll be dying to ask you what it's like without Hooky. It's going to be a hard thing for them to pull off, but they're doing it for financial reasons mainly.

"What they've done to me, to tour as New Order, is frankly disgusting. I don't mind them touring as New Order, if they'd come to me and said that - but there's more of them than there is of me, so I get outvoted, don't I? A judge would go, 'Well, there's more of them, Hooky, than you. How can you stop them?'"