Jewish movie producer-turned-TV presenter Peter Guber has blasted THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST as being "anti-Semitic" - to director Mel Gibson's face.

Gibson was left speechless on American movie talk show SUNDAY MORNING SHOOTOUT (07MAR04), when Guber - the executive producer of Batman and BATMAN RETURNS - told Gibson he felt uncomfortable after watching the film, because he feared those looking for an excuse to dislike Jews could use the movie as propaganda.

But 48-year-old Gibson insists he never set out to make a film that was anti-Jewish and simply followed the text of The Gospels.

Guber explained, "I felt uncomfortable because we all bring our experience, our faith, our history to anything we say.

"I don't think he's (Gibson) anti-Semitic but I think somebody looking at that film, especially in other countries, could feel that. After I saw the film I didn't sleep well at night."

Gibson listened intently to Guber's thoughts but made no reply.

08/03/2004 10:06