Rocker Peter Frampton has returned to to address reports suggesting he angrily smashed a camera phone a fan refused to stop using during a gig in Indiana at the beginning of the month (Aug14).

Multiple eyewitness accounts led fans who were not at the concert to believe that the Show Me the Way hitmaker hurled the rude concertgoer's phone into the rafters at the venue, but now the guitarist is giving his side of the story after initially confirming the incident on social media.

He writes, "I did Not take or break his personal property. He got his phone back intact! I'm not sure what make of phone it was but it landed safely on a seat in perfect shape.

"Many artists and audience members feel the same way I do. It just happens that this event has stirred up the conversation which is a good thing! A conversation that I'm sure will be ongoing about our smart phones. Look up not down please! Especially when you are driving."

Frampton has also opened up about the incident in a new interview with USA Today, stating, "It’s not so much what happened that night as to where we’ve come to. If one per cent of the people who take iPad or iPhone videos of concerts watch them, I’d be very surprised... When I go to do a show, it’s my time, it’s all about me. You’ve come to see me. You haven’t come to see me if you’re in an armchair watching a video. It’s very distracting."