Rocker Peter Frampton's ultra-clean wife has turned him into a hygiene nut who insists on spotless hotel rooms.

The 1970s icon's wife TINA once refused to join him on tour because the hotels he stayed in weren't clean enough - and now he has developed her phobias.

He explains, "She's a clean freak and I've become a clean freak too - a germ phobic. If I can't stay in a decent hotel I don't want to go out on tour.

"My wife put it the right way. She said, 'Why should I leave my house and go stay somewhere worse than where I live?' I have a very nice bedroom and it's clean.

"Now I know why Michael Jackson had the one glove, because he shook hands with everybody and he didn't want to touch them all the time. If I do an in-store when you shake hands with hundreds upon hundreds of people, I'm like, 'Where's the bathroom? I gotta wash my hands.'

"You gotta be careful. It's a crazy, dirty world out there."

13/10/2003 02:45