EASY RIDER star Peter Fonda has sued a clothing company for more than $123,000 (GBP68,300), in a battle over a licensing agreement on apparel bearing his image.

California-based DRAGONFLY CLOTHING INC was due to pay Fonda guaranteed minimum royalties of $200,000 (GBP110,000) on 10 September (04) but failed to do so, according to an amendment agreement attached to the lawsuit.

Dragonfly has also refused to make remaining payments under the amendment to the licensing agreement, the suit alleges. The company still owes Fonda a collection of other royalty payments, according to the amendment.

Dragonfly markets clothing bearing the logos or likenesses of a number of stars, including Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, James Dean.

16/11/2004 21:10