Peter Facinelli won't be spending Father's Day with his daughters on Sunday (16.06.13).

The former 'Twilight Saga' star, whose divorce from actress Jennie Garth was finalised this week following their separation in January 2012 after 11 years of marriage, has revealed he was forced to celebrate the occasion with their three daughters, Luca Bella, 15, Lola, nine, and Fiona, six, a week early because they are going out of town with their mother.

The 39-year-old actor told E! News: ''They're going to be out of town for a friend's wedding, so we had Father's Day last Sunday. We went to Universal Studios. It was really fun.''

Former 'Beverly Hills 90210' star Jennie previously revealed that the couple were adjusting to sharing custody of their girls on special occasions and she celebrated Thanksgiving early with them last November because they were with their father for the actual holiday.

The 41-year-old blonde beauty said at the time: ''This is my first shared holiday.

''Their dad and I are hammering out the details of that, which is weird. They're actually gonna be with him for Thanksgiving and I'm gonna be with some friends, and then I get to have them for Christmas.''

The 'Eleventh Victim' star also revealed that having a long distance relationship because Peter, who is now dating actress Jaimie Alexander, was always away filming was one of the main reasons for their split.

She said: ''He would do everything he could to fly back every weekend. [But] it took a real toll on our marriage.''