Peter Facinelli was spotted cruising on his Triumph motorbike, the same day that it was announced that he planned to divorce his wife, Jennie Garth. Peter and Jennie had been married for 11 years and they have three daughters together, Luca, 14, Lola, 9 and Fiona, 5.
People magazine have published a picture today of Peter riding his motorbike around Los Angeles, wearing a grey hoodie, leather jacket, helmet and shades. One thing that was missing from his outfit, though, was his wedding ring, suggesting that the decision to split really is final. 38 year-old Facinelli is best known for his performance as Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight trilogy - the adoptive father of Edward Cullen - but he is also known for his role in the comedy Nurse Jackie, in which he plays a doctor with a nervous condition that compels him to grab women's breasts when he is under stress. Jennie Garth is best known for playing the role of Kelly Taylor in Beverly Hills 90210.