Peter Dinklage punctuated his acceptance speech at last night's Golden Globe Awads with a sobering tale about fellow dwarf Martin Henderson - the resultant name going viral and trending on Twitter within minutes of the star's tale. Dinklage took the award of 'Best Supporting Actor in A Tv Series' for his performances in the popular drama 'Game Of Thrones,' but instead chose to concentrate on the plight of another actor, the aforementioned Henderson.
Dinklage brought up a story which revealed Henderson had been picked up outside a pub in the UK and thrown to the ground, severely injuring him in the process. It's thought the attack was inspired by the England Rugby Team who'd been reprimanded not long before the event for appearing at a Dwarf-throwing contest whilst at the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand last Autumn.
The UK's Daily Mail newspaper investigated the situation further in wake of the speech, in which Dinklage suggested "Google him" and indeed found a saddening story. "I had surgery on my back in 2010 and was making really good progress and my surgeon was really happy with me," explained the 37 year-old Henderson when they tracked him down, "But then this happened and it's kicked it all off again. I keep falling over and I found out today that I have fractured my arm. "Every time I stand up I don't know if I'm going to fall over. I will have to use a wheelchair and I won't get any acting jobs."