The You're The Inspiration singer has posted the contents of a letter he has written to the producers of the Hall of Fame gala in April (16), revealing hopes of a first get together with his old bandmates in over 30 years are not to be.

Cetera, who quit the band in 1985, writes, "Unfortunately, this scenario doesn't work for me.

"I know we all did our best to make it happen, but I guess it's just not meant to be. Personally, I'm frustrated and tired of dealing with this, and it's time to move on. I have a life with two beautiful daughters and a solo career, and it's time to get back and give them all the full attention they deserve."

The news comes just weeks after former bandmate Robert Lamm confirmed reports suggesting the classic Chicago line-up was planning to reunite, and drummer Danny Seraphine, who quit Chicago in 1990, is refusing to take no for an answer from his former frontman, adding, "It would mean the world to me, to all our wonderful fans - and, in the end, I believe it would to you as well.

"Take this rare opportunity to end all this bad blood between us and celebrate the great legacy of music we all created together that has endured the test of time for 49 years. We owe this to our fans and the music."

Chicago will be inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside N.W.A., Deep Purple and Cheap Trick.