The 58-year-old actor has been playing the Time Lord in the BBC series since 2013, and remains a favourite among fans. While he isn't set to portray the Doctor in another standalone episode until the Christmas special this December (16), he will make a cameo appearance in the opening episode of the show's spin-off Class, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

The scary sci-fi series tells the story of four sixth form students at Coal Hill School, who are given the difficult task of managing the usual problems a teenager faces, alongside the prospect of the end of the world as we know it.

The students are kept in line by Katherine Kelly's teacher character, with an insider telling the Daily Mirror of Patrick Ness' plot: "What sort of trouble must those kids get themselves in if they need the Doctor to come and bail them out?"

The series is set to air on BBC Three this October (16), before being repeated on BBC One.

Doctor Who fans are sure to be hoping Class can recreate the success of former spin-off Torchwood, with the programme's show runner Steven Moffat promising: "Class is dark and sexy and right now. I’ve always wondered if there could be a British Buffy - it’s taken the brilliant Patrick Ness to figure out how to make it happen.”

Among the most controversial scenes is a gay sex scene between one of the teenage male students and an older lover, which is set to appear in the third episode of the spin-off.

However, while the BBC have demanded certain scenes be re-shot as they reportedly struggle with the programme's edgy nature, the sex scene is still to be included.

Filming on Class wrapped at the weekend (03-04Sep16), with writer Ness tweeting his delight at the finished version.

"Wrapped 22 weeks of principal photography in Class yesterday," he wrote. "I'm basically going to cry and sleep for the next week.

"But now it won't be long until you see the first eps! There'll be announcements soon! Before even then, I can't say enough how proud I am of @katherine_kelly @vivianoparah @iFadyElsayed @Gregory_Austin & Sophie Hopkins. And how proud I am of the show. I put my heart into it. Can't wait for you to see it."