Beloved US actor Peter Boyle is fighting reports he's close to death after being diagnosed with a heart disease. The 70-year-old Young Frankenstein star, who became a TV favourite in Everybody Loves Raymond, has reportedly been denied a new heart because of his age and friends fear for his life. But the actor is refuting the claims, made in tabloid the National Enquirer, and his publicist MEGHAN PROPHET insists he pulled out of a charity benefit in July (06) because he was battling the flu and reports have made too much of his health. Boyle has suffered a stroke and a mild heart attack in the past, and friends tell the Enquirer they don't believe the actor is fully fit. A source tells the tabloid, "The general consensus is that he's too old and in too poor of health to qualify for a donor heart and even if they found a heart for him, they are afraid he is too weak to undergo major open heart surgery."