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Peter Bjorn And John
Young Folks
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Peter Bjorn And John Young Folks Single

Ever played that game in your local indie joint, whereby you have to come up with the strangest and the most mesmerizing collaboration that could happen betwixt different acts? Well a blend of Belle & Sebastian and Sonic Youth must be in any top three. Well, this expansive outfit have produced a song that means you don't have to imagine what such a merging of sonic and summery sounds would produce. For the A-side, a whistling stroll makes for a playful feel and a yearning male and female vocal to and fro, helps the band cover the topic of loyalty in a silk blanket.

An ambient/folk B-side, 'Ancient Curse' casts an eerie shadow over matters with the aid of a hauntingly hollow percussive element and low key vocals help to complete the mystic feel. 'Writers Block', the third album from this sojourning Swedish outfit, is released on the 14/08/06 and there is enough here to tempt you into taking on this adventure without leaving your home, well if you buy it on the net that is.

Rating 7/10

David Adair

Date: 07/08/2006
Label: Witchita

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