U.S. Tv actors Peter Barton and Kevin Brophy have inherited a $1 million (£625,000) estate from an Illinois man they've never met.

Ray Fulk died last July (12) at the age of 71 and outlined in his will his wish to leave his expansive farm in Broadwell to The Young and the Restless star Barton and Brophy, who played a boy raised by wolves in 1970s show Lucan.

Fulk had no children or close family, and described the actors as "friends" to his lawyer, Donald Behle - despite never having met the pair in his life. It is not known why the reclusive local decided to name them as his beneficiaries.

Behle, the estate executor, sent letters explaining the unusual situation and admits he was not surprised by their responses.

He says, "What's the first thing you would think if you got a letter like that? You'd think it was some kind of scam."

However, Behle assured the actors it was no joke and Barton recently travelled to Illinois to check out the land he had inherited.

The 160-acre property is expected to be sold off for an estimated $10,000 (£6,250) an acre, totalling over $1 million, which would be split equally between Barton and Brophy.