Peter Andre's fans have started throwing their underwear on stage at him.

The 'Mysterious Girl' singer is often pelted with gifts while he is performing and now the items are getting more and more racy.

Peter - whose ex-wife is Katie Price - revealed: "We headed back to Essex on tour last week and the fans there are a wild bunch! The last time we were there I had a few gifts thrown on stage. The most interesting was a pair of knickers which had 'big is best' written on them. But I didn't get to see who threw them! I've loved every single one of my concerts and it's been great meeting my fans."

The Australian pop star's tour is fast becoming a family affair as his brother Chris has now joined him and fellow sibling Mike on the road.

He added: "My brother Chris has also joined the tour as he is in the UK for a few weeks. My brother Mike already has a DJ set, and now Chris will provide the music during an interlude. He can play 11 instruments and is very talented. It's so nice to have my brothers involved in the tour - we're like The Osmonds!"