Peter Andre's children call his new girlfriend ''Auntie Emily''.

The reality TV star's relationship with Emily MacDough, 23, developed from Friendship to romance over a period of two years and so his kids Junior, seven, and Princess, five, already have a Bond with her.

Speaking to Now magazine, he said: ''My kids have known Emily for two years as a family friend. They love her. She's Auntie Emily to them. They both absolutely love her parents, too.''

The 39-year-old singer is yet to tell his children that Emily is his girlfriend and she still sleeps in the spare room if they are staying with him for the weekend and not with their mother, Pete's ex-wife Katie Price.

He explained: ''When the kids are there, Emily still sleeps in the spare room. That's what the kids are used to. It's kind of weird because I'll say to her, 'Sorry, tonight you're going in that room.'

''They still look at her as the family friend, which I think is important. They have some idea we're closer than before, but they don't see the intimate side of things.''

Peter still acts as a stepfather to Katie's 10-year-old son Harvey - her child with retired soccer player Dwight Yorke - but he admits there have been some problems with access recently.

However, he is determined to remain a part of Harvey's life because he loves him so much.

He said: ''There are a few little complications at the moment about my seeing him. That's something I can't really talk about. But I have every faith that we'll get it sorted. It's happened before, Harvey's going to be in my life forever.''