Peter Andre wants to swim with sharks.

The reality TV star is preparing for his 40th birthday on February 27 and has received some interesting suggestions from fans, one of his favourite of which is to go diving with the deadly sea creatures.

He said: ''One of you suggested a murder mystery break on the Orient Express, which I love the sound of, and I also liked someone's idea that I could climb Ben Nevis in Scotland.

''If I manage to get a week off work, there are a few slightly more far-flung trips which I'm considering. I'd either like to live with a tribe for a week, go to Peru and walk the Inca Trail, or hire Harley-Davidsons and ride from LA to Mexico.

''I'd also like to swim with sharks, so I'm definitely up for something which is going to get my adrenaline pumping!''

As well as undertaking an action packed adventure for his birthday, the muscle-bound star is also considering giving away some of his workout secrets with a fitness DVD.

Pete - who is dating Emily MacDonagh - added in his new! magazine column: ''I'm thinking that I might bring out a fitness DVD called Fitness At 40. I've been asked to do workout DVDs in the past, and never done it, but I love this idea. I'd be able to incorporate all the stuff I've learned over the years to keep me in shape. Watch this space!''