Peter Andre wants to have a baby girl.

The reality star previously confessed he was hoping his first child with medicine graduate Emily MacDonaugh would be a boy, but after his six-year-old daughter Princess Tiammii - who he has with his ex-wife Katie Price - has categorically refused to lend a hand if her half-sibling turns out to be male, Peter is crossing his fingers for a girl.

According to Now magazine: ''Junior is happy either way but Pringles [Princess] says she won't be happy if it's not a girl. If it's a boy she's not changing nappies or doing anything. So now I'm like, please let it be a girl!''

The 40-year-old star - who is 17 years older than Emily - is excited about his girlfriend officially becoming a part of his family when she gives birth to their child.

He said: ''This baby links Emily with the kids properly. Me being with her is one thing, but them having a half-brother or sister means they're connected forever with her.''

Emily added: ''I feel like we're a family. I feel like the baby is part of the family already. It's such a gift to be able to have kids and I'm really looking forward to it.''

The 'Mysterious Girl' singer also hinted he would be giving the baby a more traditional name then his other children.

Peter added: ''I think biblical names are great. Alexandra, Cleopatra... those are really nice names.''