Peter Andre's baby son screams so much, he doesn't want more children.

The 43-year-old singer - who has Junior 11, and Princess, nine, with ex-wife Katie Price and Amelia, three, and two-month-old Theodore, with wife Emily - previously said he was hoping to expand his family even further in the near future, but after the newest addition to the household has proven to be more challenging than his older sister, the 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker is having second thoughts.

He said: ''I'm not as tolerant with the screaming as I used to be!

''Perhaps it's because I'm older, but my patience is a little less these days. Having Theo is still a wonderful joy, although I may have to retract my earlier statement that I couldn't wait to have another baby by the end of 2017!

''As a baby, Millie was calm and relaxed; a dream child. My friend Carl, who never wanted kids, told us he changed his mind after meeting her. And when Theo was born, I was like 'Of course, we are going to have another baby', but now I'm thinking maybe we should wait a second.''

However, Emily, 27, insists the disruption to the household is ''worth it'' and is sure Peter will change his mind again as the youngster gets older.

She told HELLO! magazine in a joint interview with her spouse: ''It's true,w e led a harmonious life in our calm, quiet house, with everything sorted.

''Then Theo comes along and starts screaming constantly. The other kids are thinking, 'What's going on here?'

''But whenever we look at his sweet little face, we know he's worth it. As soon as Pete starts taking him out and playing rough and tumble, I just know he'll want more kids.''