Peter Andre doesn't let his son Junior play video game 'Fortnite' for more than an hour at a time.

The 45-year-old star has four children, 13-year-old son Junior and 10-year-old daughter Princess with his ex-wife Katie Price, and daughter Amelia, four, and son Theo, 18 months, with his spouse Emily and has strict rules at home when it comes to screen time.

Peter has been surprised to read about cases where kids have become addicted to the third-person online shooter, and is adamant it won't happen with Junior because 60 minutes is his maximum gaming time.

And the 'Mysterious Girl' singer has some tricks up his sleeve that to stop Junior from playing any longer.

Writing about the game in his column for New! magazine, he revealed: ''I only allow Junior to play it for a maximum of an hour at a time. He knows once the hour is up he has to come downstairs to socialise with the family. If he tries to push it, I'll just take it away. Sometimes, his PlayStation cable will accidentally break, ha ha!''

Peter accepts that as his kids get older his influence will diminish but he wants to keep instilling good morals and the right type of behaviour whilst he still can.

He added: ''There's going to come a point where I can't control what they do, but while I can, I'll try to rein it in as much as possible.''

Junior and Princess are currently living with Peter and Emily full-time whilst their mother Katie deals with the separation from her third husband Kieran Hayler.

A spokesperson confirmed the temporary living arrangement, adding: ''What is important [is] that the focus is on what is best for the children during tough times as Peter has acknowledged. Katie is a remarkable mother, Peter is a wonderful father, together they are doing what is best for their children.''