Peter Andre has been the victim of attempted fraud.

The 'Mysterious Girl singer and his wife Emily were horrified when someone posing as being from their phone company was able to hack their online bank accounts, but luckily the pair were able to contact their bank and had the issue resolved before any money was taken.

Emily revealed ''Last week we were unfortunately victims of attempted fraud when someone rang out house phone pretending to be from our phone company.

''They told Pete they had to transfer us some compensation as we've had problems with our phone line and wi-fi.

''I have no idea how they did this, but they managed to get onto our computer so they were screen sharing with us and they managed to access our online banking.

''Luckily, Pete rang our bank straight away and they shut down our accounts and cancelled our cards.

''Thankfully they didn't take any money but they were very close.''

Emily and Peter - who have three-year-old daughter Amelia and two-year-old son Theo together, while the singer has Junior, 11, and Princess, nine, from his marriage to Katie Price - have reported the incident to police and hope the fraudsters are caught before they find someone more vulnerable to prey on.

Emily told OK! magazine: ''It made me so angry that people would do this. Anyone could fall victim, especially if you are less technology savvy or vulnerable.

''We reported it to the police, so hopefully they can catch these people and stop them from targeting anyone else.''