Peter Andre's wife Emily thinks she's more of a ''big sister'' to his children.

The 28-year-old doctor married the 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker in 2015 and they have two children of their own - Amelia, three, and 10-month-old son Theo - but Emily says she's more like a sister than a step-mother to Peter's other children, who he has with his ex-wife Katie Price.

Speaking on 'Lorraine' on Thursday (14.09.17), Emily said: ''I'm quite young, I guess. Maybe they see me as a big sister.

''I love it. They are the loveliest children. It taught me what I was doing before I had my own children. They are great.''

Peter's relationship with his ex-wife - which ended in 2009 after a four-year marriage - produced two children, Junior, 12, and Princess, 10.

Despite being in the public eye, Emily revealed that Peter is ''quite strict'' when it comes to all of his children using social media.

But she admitted that being with the 44-year-old star makes the downsides of fame ''worth it''.

She said: ''I love being with Pete. It makes any of the bad sides worth it. The paparazzi doesn't affect me at all.

''I think that's why I'm not on any social media. I used to have Facebook but shut my account down about four years ago when I started dating Peter.

''I never miss it. Everyone is looking down at their phones. I like to speak to people in front of me. It's a strange world.

''It's really difficult. Peter is quite strict with social media. But with our children it will be about 10 years before they start using it, so who knows what it will be.

''Kids don't need to hear negativity and people are negative on social media. You need a thick skin. I don't think I have one yet but I am happy staying off it.''