Peter Andre is teaching his two-year-old son to be bilingual.

The 45-year-old singer has been teaching his toddler Theo how to speak in English and in Greek, which is the mother tongue of Pete's parents who moved to Australia when he was six.

Pete has been amazed at his son's progress as he can now understand questions he is asked in Greek.

Writing in his column in New! magazine, he revealed: ''Over the last couple of weeks we've noticed a real improvement in his speech - he can converse properly and his understanding of Greek has got better, too. If I hold something up and ask him what colour it is in Greek, he replies in English! He's so much happier now he's able to talk more because he can tell us what he wants and there's no frustration there. He's a little ledge.''

As well as Theo, Pete also has four-year-old Amelia with his wife Emily and two children, 13-year-old son Junior and 11-year-old Princess, with his ex-wife Katie Price, both of whom are currently living at his home.

Although Pete already has four kids he and Emily, 29, won't rule out having another baby in the future.

The qualified doctor previously said: ''Pete said in a recent interview that he wants one more child but I can't say I'm on the same page at the moment. I think he's forgotten about the sleepless nights with Theo at the start. Maybe when I've dedicated a few years to my career I will think about having some more as I really want to get stuck into it next year.''