Peter Andre is worried he might become a hypochondriac after his fiancée qualified as a doctor.

The 41-year-old singer has revealed Emily MacDonagh became an official doctor yesterday (26.01.15) and while he is ''so proud'' of the 24-year-old beauty - who took a break in her studies when she fell pregnant with their daughter Amelia, who is now 12 months - he hopes he doesn't start obsessively worrying about his health.

Speaking on ITV's 'Good Morning Britain', he said: ''I can't even argue with her on anything now medically ... I'm so proud of her... Doctor Emily she could have obviously done [her finals] a year [ago] but fell pregnant, had our wonderful daughter so a lot of people were like, 'Are you going to finish?'

''She was like, 'Of course I am!' And she's done it, she passed her exams, I'm so proud of her ... I just hope for her I don't become a hypochondriac.''

The next big thing on the list for Pete - who also has kids Junior, nine, and Princess, seven, from his marriage to Katie Price - and Emily looks to be their wedding either this or next summer as the pair are not planning to have any more kids until they have tied the knot.

Emily recently said: ''I definitely don't want any more babies until we're married, because we should have been married the first time around.''