Peter Andre is a big fan of ''Steak and B*****b Day''.

The 44-year-old pop star - who is married to Emily MacDonagh - has jokingly argued women should take the annual holiday on March 14 as seriously as men are expected to take Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.

Peter explained: ''I never forget Valentine's or Mother's Day, but girls always seem to forget an important date for us guys - March 14.

''In case you didn't know, it's been labelled 'Steak and B*****b Day' - although you probably won't find it listed on your standard kitchen calendar!''

Peter joked that women would be being hypocritical if they did not recognise the date.

He told new! magazine: ''Now just imagine if us guys forgot February 14 or Mother's Day ...''

Earlier this month, Peter hinted at having had sex ''al fresco''.

The musician - whose wife gave birth to their baby boy Theodore in November last year - insisted he would never have sex in a takeaway restaurant out of ''respect'' for Emily, but suggested he has had intercourse in the open air.

He shared: ''Out of respect for my lovely wife, I couldn't possibly say whether I've done it al fresco, but let's just say I'd never do it in [the pizza chain] Domino's. Their pizzas are damn good, though.''

Peter made the confession after a couple were caught on camera having sex inside a Domino's restaurant - but the 'Behind Closed Doors' hitmaker subsequently suggested an alternative location to them.

Peter - who married Emily in 2015, having previously been married to TV star Katie Price - said: ''They could have chosen a more private location, like an art gallery.''