Peter Andre thinks parents should monitor their children's' iPad usage.

The 40-year-old reality star - who has a seven-year-old son, Junior, and five-year-old daughter, Princess Tiaamii, with Katie Price - believes parents should be pro-active and put a stop to their kids using gadgets if they are spending too long on them.

He explained: ''I'm not against children using new technology, and Junior and Princess have been using iPads since they were about three or four, but it's all about restricting how much they're on them.

''I try my best to make sure they're not on them for more than an hour each day. When they get in from school, they know that they can have a snack, and then they have to do their homework. After that, they can socialise and play, and then they sit down for their dinner. Only then do I allow them to spend a bit of time on their iPads.''

The father-of-two - who was crowned Celebrity Dad of the Year in 2011 - added he monitors what applications the kids can use on their devices and doesn't allow them to browse the internet.

He told new! magazine: ''I'm careful about what they're using their iPads for. I don't let either of them use the internet, and I don't allow Junior to play any games which are violent, or use guns and knives.''