Peter Andre doesn't want to date any more celebrities.

The 37-year-old singer - who has two children, Junior, five, and three-year-old Princess Tiaamii, with ex-wife Katie Price and recently split from model Elen Rivas - admits he has changed his view on dating people in the public eye as he no longer thinks it is important for a girlfriend to understand his work.

He said: "I always thought they should understand your job, but given the option now I would like to stay away from dating anyone in the industry."

The 'Behind Closed Doors' hitmaker also admitted he feels "confused" about his love life since he ended his relationship with Elen.

He said: "I can't believe I'm so confused. I've only recently said that I wanted to have lots of fun and now I'm starting to think I am ready for all that.

"Before Elen, I thought that I wanted to be in a relationship and then when that didn't work out, even though we're great friends, I thought I didn't want to be with anybody.

"However, now I've started thinking that maybe I should be in a relationship."