Peter Andre and his wife Emily have named their baby son Theodore James Andre.

The couple - who also have two-year-old daughter Amelia together - welcomed the tot into the world on November 21, and only revealed they had arrived at the moniker on Thursday night (08.12.16).

Taking to Twitter to share the news, the 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker wrote: ''Theo it is then Or Theodore James Andre (a) To be precise (sic)''

The 42-year-old singer recently revealed he and the 27-year-old physician were struggling to find the perfect name that suits the little boy.

Speaking a week after Theodore's birth, he said: ''We're nowhere near choosing a name yet though.

''We have so many we like, but every time we go to say it, it just doesn't stick.

''I love names like Oscar and Arthur, but Emily is not so keen.''

The television personality thinks his son already looks like him.

He said: ''He's such a joy and is doing really well - as is his mum.

''He was three weeks early but he weighted 6lb 10oz, a bit more than Amelia did.

''It's hard to tell who he looks like, but he does look different to how Amelia did when she was born. I think he looks more like me.''

And he is thankful Amelia and his other children, Junior, 11, and nine-year-old Princess - who he has with ex-wife Katie Price - are already besotted with their little brother.

He said: ''J and P were the first people I told about the baby.

''I called them at school and the headmaster was kind enough to ring me back during their lunch break.

''They got to meet their new brother at the weekend and they love him already.

''Mills has been awesome too, and is loving being a big sister. She calls him Brother Baby - it's so cute.

''I was putting her to bed the other night and with the new baby here, she looks like a giant now.''