Peter Andre has been lying to his son about the existence of the tooth fairy.

The 'Bad As You Are' singer has been dealing with a lot of questions from his son Junior, eight, about what happens when you lose a tooth and put it under your pillow, and so far he thinks he's been able to successfully trick him with his tales.

Writing in his column for new! magazine, Peter revealed: ''Junior has started asking me questions about the tooth fairy lately. He said, 'My friend was left £2.50, but my tooth fairy only left me a pound. How can they be the same fairy? And I just told him there are different tooth fairies for different areas. I said, 'Plus, you don't want the £2.50 one, you want the traditional one pounder. They're great!' He seemed satisfied with that explanation ... for now!''

Peter has had Junior and his younger sister, six-year-old Princess Tiaamii - his two children with ex-wife Katie Price - staying with him before the Easter break and the trio have been indulging in lots of traditional chocolate treats.

The 41-year-old star - who also has three-month-old daughter Amelia with his fiancée Emily MacDonagh - is now unsure as to whether he should buy his kids Easter eggs for this weekend.

Peter added: ''The kids and I are having a great time leading up to Easter. I had them over the Easter holidays last year, so this year they're with me for the two weeks before the holidays. And now the weather has started getting better, we've been spending most of the time playing outside. Junior and Bista love Cadbury's Creme Eggs but they eat them all the time, so when it comes to Easter I don't quite know what to give them! I love Easter eggs too. Me and chocolate have a good relationship!''

Meanwhile, Peter has announced he is releasing a new album.

The singer will bring out 'Big Night' on May 26 and the LP is influenced by the music of Elvis Presley and Stevie Wonder and will have big band and soul elements.

The highly anticipated album is comprised of 11 tracks all written by Peter and co-writer Stevie Appleton, and includes 'Kid' which was chosen to be the official song for DreamWorks animated movie 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman'.

Speaking about the record, Peter said: ''I am so excited for you all to hear this new sound - it's so different and is the type of album that I have wanted to do for many years. Now is the time - enjoy 'Big Night'.''