Peter Andre is launching his own range of hot dogs.

The reality TV star has his own café in Brighton, Southern England, where he vends the meaty snacks, and wonders if he should name one after himself.

He said: ''My coffee shop New York Coffee Club has only been open for six months, but it's already doing really well.

''Last week, we launched our own range of hot dogs. Perhaps I could name one after myself and call it the 'Dre Dog. It'd be very meaty! We're [also] planning to launch an open-mic night.''

Peter's daughter, Princess, five, has been showing her own culinary flare over the last week too, as helping him in the kitchen, while her brother, Junior, seven has been ill.

Pete added to New! magazine: ''Princess has been a little star this week and has been helping Daddy lots. She's been cleaning the house, helped me to make a carbonara and has been looking after Junior while he's

been sick too. Don't get me wrong, though, she can still be a little diva!''