Peter Andre used to shave his legs.

The 40-year-old reality TV star used to remove unwanted follicles from his legs and most of his body when he was younger, but now he only grooms his chest and has got his beauty regime down to 15 minutes.

He said: ''I've never done the waxing thing. The only thing I do is shave my chest. When I used to cycle back in the 90s I shaved my legs - a bit embarrassing! But as you can see I don't have much hair [shows his arms]. For a Greek I'm pretty non-hairy.

''OK I shave my chest, I used to wear earrings and an eyebrow rings, but now it's a bit of stubble, some product in the hair and I'm out. It's a 15 minute turnover.''

Although Pete - who is expecting a baby with his girlfriend, medical student Emily MacDonagh - is image conscious would never have a manicures or a pedicure.

He added: ''With grooming I draw the line. I feel like pedicures and manicures take grooming to the next level.''