Peter Andre's brother is thrilled the reality TV star is being so open about his cancer.

The reality TV star's sibling Andrew is battling liver cancer but has thanked Peter for drawing attention to the disease.

He said: ''Things are still very up and down with Andrew but that's to be expected when you're having chemo. One minute you feel OK and the next minute you feel rotten.

''After he watched my reality show last week, he said he was chuffed I was being so open about his illness, and he said he wants to do an interview about it once he's better. I'm going to hold him to that.''

Peter is currently focused on helping Andrew through his cancer battle and as a result has no time for romance.

Writing in his column for new! magazine, Peter - who has two children, Junior, six, and four-year-old Princess with ex-wife Katie Price, as well as helping raise her nine-year-old son Harvey from a previous relationship - said: ''People keep asking me if I'm seeing Polly Parsons. The truth is, she's a great (hot!) girl but we're just friends and, to be honest, I think she's probably seeing someone else anyway. If she is, I wish her all the best.''