Peter Andre ''really missed'' Emily MacDonagh while he was in Cyprus.

The reality TV star has been dating the 23-year-old medical student for 11 months and insists their relationship is going well but admits he felt lonely when he was forced to part with the brunette beauty whilst he jetted off on holiday with his two children, Junior, seven, and Princess Tiaamii, five, last week.

Writing in his new! magazine column, he said: ''Things are going great and I've really missed her while I've been in Cyprus.''

The 40-year-old singer believed he was doing Emily a favour by leaving the country for a few days so that she could focus on her upcoming exams.

He added: ''Emily wasn't able to join us as she's studying for her exams, but, come to think of it, me being away for a few days was probably a blessing in disguise - she have had any distractions.''

Peter recently said that he and Emily work really well because she's not a celebrity.

He explained: ''It's good to be with someone outside of the industry. It's so nice to be with someone who's just different. You know when they say that opposites attract? I never understood what that meant.

''But now I know it doesn't mean looks, it could mean in a situation like this. We're so opposite in what we do but yet we connect.''