Peter Andre got engaged on New Year's Eve (31.12.13).

The 'Kid' singer announced he was to marry girlfriend Emily MacDonagh last month following the birth of their daughter Amelia but he has now admitted the couple kept the news private for some time - though his six-year-old daughter Princess, from his marriage to Katie Price, wasn't shocked to find out.

Discussing telling the children, Peter - who also has eight-year-old son Junior with Katie - said: ''Princess turned round and went, 'Er, hello! I already knew that. I've seen the ring on her finger for the last few weeks.' Because I proposed on New Year's Eve and we wanted to wait for the right moment to tell them. I was like 'How did you...? You are so intelligent.' And she went, 'I know!' She's a very bright girl. I love her so much, she's incredible.

''Junior was so happy too, but he was like, ''Really?!'''He hadn't noticed the ring - like a typical guy!''

The 40-year-old singer is excited about having all his children involved in the wedding in some way.

Speaking to Parentdish, he said: ''Will Princess be a bridesmaid? I think that would be without question. The wedding will be a beautiful family affair when it happens.

''And because we're waiting a few years, Amelia will be old enough to walk down the aisle with us. Just thinking about that makes me happy. I know it's a way in the future, but it's great!

''Junior loves the attention! I don't know how he'll be involved, I haven't thought about it, but he may well be the entertainment - he loves to perform, that's for sure.''

And Peter is delighted with how well his children have bonded with their new half-sister.

He said: '' To me they look like teenagers now the way they act towards the baby. Sometimes I hear them going, 'OK darling, that's no problem, don't worry.' They've both really matured.''