Peter Andre and his wife Emily have regular date nights.

The 46-year-old singer and Emily - who is a qualified doctor - have very busy lives because of their careers and their family, which includes their children, Amelia, five, and Theo, two, and Pete's kids, 14-year-old Junior and Princess, 12, with his ex-wife Katie Price.

However, the 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker insists that he and Emily always make time for just the two of them to reconnect as a couple and keep the romance alive.

He said: ''We have date nights, though. I work my itinerary out so there's a lot of planning!''

As well as his music career, Pete also has regular TV presenting jobs and is launching an acting career and he admits his motivation to keep taking on varied jobs is his desire to provide for his family.

Although he is as busy as ever in the entertainment industry Emily is also increasing her work hours as a doctor and he fully supports her in everything she does in her job.

Speaking in New! magazine, he said: ''Keeping the balance is tough, but we make it work because we're both providing for the family. I think her doing more hours is brilliant because it means she's really making her career work.''

The pair met in 2010 after Peter was treated by Emily's dad when he suffered with kidney stones.

They began dating afterwards and after falling in love they married in July 2015.