Katie Price has attacked ex-husband Peter Andre for "publicity" seeking after stories about a burn on their three-year-old daughter were revealed.

Lawyers had been called in after Peter failed to get an adequate explanation for The Burn on Princess Tiaamii - which he discovered when putting her to bed - but the former glamour model has hit back, saying he is trying to portray her as a bad mother.

In a statement on her website, she said: "I am just so sad, and so sorry, to have to respond publically to the article and my ex-husbands statement. I will take whatever insults my ex-husband wishes to heap on me but I will not accept him portraying me as a bad mother.

"I hope this puts to an end the ridiculous stories about my wanting my ex-husband back. I repeat the request to my ex-husband that we withdraw the children from the public eye and ask that every scraped knee, bruised Elbow and tear of childhood is not used to score points. (sic)"

'Behind Closed Doors' singer Peter claims to not know anything about the three-inch wound when his daughter and five-year-old son Junior came to his home, but Katie says he was informed about the injury, which was caused in a "fluke accident" in the upmarket Swiss ski resort Klosters.

The 32-year-old star - who also has an eight-year-old son, Harvey, from a previous relationship - said: "Princess has in fact got a minor burn under her armpit that she received in a fluke accident when she was in Klosters. At that time she was with my mother and my sister and had (unbeknown to my sister) followed my sister to retrieve pyjamas left to warm.

"My ex-husband was made aware of this incident when we returned from Klosters."

However, the 37-year-old star has claimed suggestions he knew about the burn are false, and it is "completely untrue" he is using the act for publicity.

He said: "I was dealing with this privately. I won't be accused of using an accident to gain publicity. That's completely untrue.

"For the record, Princess came back from a skiing trip with a bad burn on her back. No one had contacted me to tell me."