Aussie singer Peter Andre threatened to leave his wife, British glamour model JORDAN, after discovering she was taking hard drugs to combat post-partum depression. In her new autobiography Jordan: Pushed To The Limit, the mum-of-three - real name Katie Price - reveals she put her marriage and her health in jeopardy after hitting rock bottom following the birth of Andre's baby son Junior in 2005. She claims the illegal drugs drove her to the brink of suicide. Jordan writes: "The drugs took over. My heart seemed to be racing fast, I felt hot and I began to panic." Price admits she feared she had overdosed during one drug session, and she felt compelled to call for a doctor. That alerted singer Andre to his wife's drug habit, and he threatened to leave her and take their son - which made her contemplate taking her life. Recently named Celebrity Mum Of The Year, Price convinced her husband to stay and the couple is now planning to celebrate a third wedding anniversary by renewing their vows.