Pete Wentz wants to have a "soccer team" of children.

The Fall Out Boy rocker - who has 10-month-old son Bronx Mowgli with his wife, singer-turned-actress Ashlee Simpson-Wentz - says the couple are desperate to extend their brood in the future.

He told People: "Everything is awesome about being a dad. Eventually we want to be able to have a soccer team!"

However, the rocker says him and Ashlee will have to wait until their lives are less busy.

He said: "We will have to schedule and time things right. Ashlee is really focused on filming 'Melrose Place' right now and I'm figuring what I'm doing next year."

Until then, Pete is enjoying taking a hands-on approach to fatherhood.

He said: "The best part for me now is that I think for the first 9 months, mum is so essential to a baby. When they start hanging out with dad more you're like, 'Wow I feel like a dad.' You go to music class and do fun stuff together, it's cool."

"It makes me realise all of the little things that my dad sacrificed when he had me. It's sad it took 30 years but I totally realise it now."