Pete Wentz's son prefers playing on his iPad to rocking out.

The Fall Out Boy rocker takes Bronx, four - his son with ex-wife Ashlee Simpson - on tour with him, but says he's not impressed that his dad is a rock star.

Pete told People magazine: ''When we're onstage, he plays on his iPad. It's really grounding for me. Dad's job is cool but I think it would be a lot cooler to him if I wore an Iron Man suit while I did it.

''I went to pick him up at preschool the other day and all of the kids had drawn fake tattoos on their arms - except him. He has zero interest. Kids like to rebel. If my dad had tattoos, I definitely think I wouldn't.''

Pete also says he found it difficult to cope with the end of his marriage to Ashlee after two-and-a-half years in February 2011 without resorting to drugs, as he had recently got clean from an addiction to prescription medicines.

He added: ''That was really hard. It was the first time that I decided to deal with my stuff in a real way and not numb myself. Our kid Bronx is the most important thing to us so we're trying to co-parent the right way. It's been really good.''