Pete Wentz regrets getting his penis pierced.

The Fall Out Boy rocker admits it was a ''dumb'' decision to get his manhood pierced, and he has since had it removed.

Appearing on US TVs 'Watch What Happens Live' yesterday (20.01.14), he said: ''I've had basically everything pierced in my entire life.''

Talking about the penis piercing, he added: ''I was young and dumb and full of 'wisdom.' It's not pierced anymore.''

In another TV appearance, Pete, 34, explained his tattoos, saying he's been getting inked since he was 15 but always been careful where he has them placed.

He said: ''I have a bunch [of tattoos]. Ones on your hands and your neck are usually called 'job-stoppers,' so I'm still hoping that I could end up being an accountant or something if it all goes wrong.''

The 'Dance Dance' hitmaker also said he has been talking about marriage with his girlfriend of almost three years, Meagan Camper.

Asked about the possibility of a wedding, he said: ''I think so. I mean, we talk about it a lot. I feel really lucky. It's, like, really interesting [to be] in a relationship with someone who is truly my best friend. I talk to her about everything. She will tell me when I'm being not so insane, and sometimes she's like, 'You're being a little bit insane.' It's very helpful.''